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365 Web Solutions are a cloud based corporation looking after a large database of business websites around the world.

We are your outsourced I.T solution offering you a dedicated online consultant with the best web services brokered down to cost you less. We maintain, host, secure, and instantly speed up your Wordpress website while managing your company email addresses in an easy to use interface.

The business began as a web design company in 2012 and later developed to become an all round solution for Wordpress just two years later after a high demand of an all inclusive  package giving you your outsourced IT department at an affordable cost. Partnered with the most reputable individual wordpress services in the world, we are one of very few businesses that can deliver the premium service you require at a heavily reduced rate giving you the most cost effective web solutions available today. 

Included In All Plans








Per Month
  • Ticket Support
  • Basic Maintenance & Minor Changes
  • Daily Backups
  • Full Cpanel Access
  • Daily Updates
  • Up to 4 pro email addresses
  • Google Webmaster Tools Set Up
  • Free Malware Cleanups
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Per Month
  • Dedicated Email & Phone Support
  • Full WordPress Development
  • Blog Upload + Layout  Service
  • 40-1000 Item Full Shop Management
  • Full SEO Consultancy and Service
  • Hourly Backups
  • Immediate Updates
  • Up to 100 Pro Email Addresses With Set up
  • Staging Development Site
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If the above plans need tweaking and don't quite fit your needs then try using  our easy to use WordPress maintenance planner to build a custom plan suitable for your business!

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365 Web Solutions use lightweight Linux containers with SSD disks for unmatched resource efficiency and site speed. We offer you your own cPanel allowing you to stay in control of your website and emails at all times. Our servers are of the highest standard available on the market today with continuous upgrades making sure we’re inline with the best that the market has to offer. Don’t be fooled into buying cheap hosting from corporate brands – the servers are almost always overloaded and slow and many people learn the hard way. We challenge anyone to try any other hosting platform before using our service! We offer a hosting platform for Joomla, Drupal and SquareSpace however we only offer support for WordPress. link


365 Web Solutions are your complete online business consultants who will periodically look over your website and make changes as necessary as well as fulfil requested changes from your marketing team or you as the owner. We have a variety of services available all offering WordPress maintenance included in each package. Whether you need a smaller package allowing a few changes every now and again or a full time online shop that requires updating upon every new stock arrival on top of ensuring Woocommerce compatibility with your desired theme upon plugin updates, we have a package to suit you and your business. link


We are one of the very few hosting services in the world to offer a full security package accepting full liability should an attacker ever get through our protocols. We use several of the best third party wordpress security companies in the world with a close partnership allowing us to offer you a reduced rate combination included in your WordPress hosting package giving you peace of mind. Your website will be backed up every hour on several different servers as well as our dedicated back up server ensuring your site is safe. If security is ever breached, no worries – we will either fix it or rebuild it from the bottom up. link


You guessed it – we host the most reliable email service available. What makes us different to what may be the obvious TV choice is that each individual domain name is assessed to ensure it is not blacklisted which can happen using shared hosting plans regardless of how reputable your business is. Once we have ensured your domain is clean we then install SPF, DKIM and DMARC records for you on your behalf making sure you’re less likely to end up in a spam box – to our knowledge we are the only hosting platform that offers this for free as well as ensuring you have an SSL certificate installed for that extra peace of mind. link


365 Web Solutions understand SEO (search engine optimisation) and can keep you informed of the current standards required. There are many SEO services around the world charging a large rate for a flawed service. Real SEO begins with YOU! We work closely with your business to understand what your potential customers are looking for. As advertising experts we know what makes people click, but more importantly as online business consultants we show you how to convert clicks into real sales. link


One of the first things we do when we start hosting your WordPress website is tune it up to a high speed by optimising your images to the most appropriate sizes and quality for the devices that they will appear on. This improves page speed more than any other method out there as many people don’t know how to optimise an image. We then install WP Rocket premium caching plugin which is regarded as the best paid for WordPress caching method on the market and included in your package. That along with a few other tricks up our sleeve we will guarantee an increase in page speed running tests before and after to show you just what you’ve bought into. If you have a blog and regularly upload images all of the images will then automatically optimise themselves there after meaning more productivity for you and your site. link


"Since rebuilding and moving our 7  websites to the Elite plan, AutoPot Global Limited have increased their traffic from 199 visits per month to an average of 35'000 visits. Needless to say our online revenue has increased ten fold and with the help of Jay we've managed to reduce our man hours by streamlining various methods on our websites that we've previously done manually...."

Jason Ralph Smith, founder and director - Autopot global ltd

Look at what our customers have said about our service below - we’re proud of the progress that has been achieved by our customers since moving over to 365 Web Solutions and we love to show you off!

We've formed friendships all over the UK, USA, Spain, Thailand and Canada helping your online journey lead to a successful path.

 We offer a full service in any of the countries listed with agents in all of the relevant timezones.